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Frequently Asked Questions
​What is the benefit from participating in a state pageant?

Miss Jr. America is so much more than just a pageant! Our program is carefully designed to grow your confidence, teach you life-long skills such as interviewing, public speaking and presenting yourself in front of an audience all while gaining the competitive edge to succeed in whatever fields you may choose in your future. Aside from the many awards our contestants will earn over pageant weekend, along with the cash scholarships and prizes, you and your family will create lifelong memories and friendships while gaining the skills necessary to succeed not only in this competition, but also in life!

What are your age requirements?

Our State Pageant Program is for girls ages 5 though 27.

5-6 Jr. Princess,  7-9 Princess,  Preteen 10-12,  Jr. Teen 13-15,  Teen 16-19  and Miss 20-27

Do you need experience or a pageant coach to participate?

No pageant experience is required to participate. We offer a  workshop on pageant weekend for those interested in participating. We will have also have many rehearsals on pageant weekend to ensure that you are prepared to perform your very best when it’s your time to take the stage! No matter if your a seasoned pageant girl or if this is your first time participating in a pageant, you can benefit from the excitement of a newer pageant system.  We encourage all young ladies to participate for the overall MJA sisterhood experience.

What is the best attire for interview, dress or suit?

Your interview attire should be a dress that best reflects your taste and personality for all divisions.

Is Interview a panel or round robin style?

The interview at both state and the National Pageant Finals is round robin. This means that each girl will have the opportunity to sit with each individual judge and allow them to get to know the delegates one on one.

For Interview, is there a Resume?

All state finalist will be given a personal introduction sheet to complete and turn in to your state director. This will give each judge an opportunity to get to now your before your interview competition. The judges are just going to spend time having a pleasant conversation with each delegate to get to know them a little better. There are no political or religious questions that are asked. Because the interview will be about getting to know the delegate, there are no "wrong" answers.

Is Miss Jr. America a glitz pageant?

Absolutely not!  Miss Jr. America is a naturally polished pageant. We are looking for girls that are well put together, well spoken and confident.  Our state queens are chosen on the basis of 4 required areas of competition. 30% of the score comes from their communication skills during their Personal Introduction, 30% from her poise and presentation during the Formal Wear Modeling Competition, 30% on personality, communication and confidence in an Interview, and 10% on participating in our Community Service Project on pageant weekend. Miss Jr. America pageants, while glamorous events, are not at all like typical “beauty” pageants. In fact, as you see above, all of the scoring in our pageant is based on personality, confidence and communication. Good communication and presentation skills are what we want to recognize and encourage. Braces, glasses, skin problems, varying heights, weights and appearances, are all a part of creating the special and unique individual that you are and that we want to celebrate!

What are the makeup rules for girls ages 5-12?

Contestants ages 5 – 9 years are not allowed to wear make-up during interview competition. Only lip gloss will be permitted. Contestants ages 10 –12 may wear light natural make-up for Interview. The Jr Divisions (Ages 5-12) are allowed to wear light natural make-up under the harsh lights during stage competitions. 

Do I have to use any specific vendors to win MJA?

Absolutely not! MJA has a wonderful group of sponsors and vendors that we know share similar ethics and quality as MJA. Vendors do not factor into judging or the outcome of the pageant.  

How much does the state pageant cost? 

For all 3 areas of mandatory competition, the state sponsorship fee range is $395 - $425 depending on your state pageant. There is a separate registration fee of $55 and a $50 scholarship fee. Periodically, the sponsorship fee is reduced. Check with your state director for any current promotions in your area.

If you win at state, what are the fees for 2019 MJA National Pageant Finals?  

A delegate that wins her title via a state pageant also wins her $595 entry fee paid to the National Pageant Finals. There is a national package fee of four easy payments of $255 each. The MJA National Package includes a full page feature in the souvenir program book, a complimentary copy of the souvenir program book, the Queen4Liffe $100 scholarship fee donation, National MJA t-shirt, Production Outfit.

What is the difference between a state queen and an appointed titleholder?

A state queen is one who wins her title via a state pageant. An appointed titleholder is one that obtained a title because either there is not a state pageant or there are opportunities that remain in the division.

What is the benefit of being a state titleholder, over an appointed titleholder?

Although state titleholders and appointed titleholders compete equally at the national Finals, there are still benefits to winning an overall state title at the state pageant. Winning the state title comes with a prize package from the state director including the paid $595 National Sponsorship Fee, as well as having the honor of being crowned on stage in front of family and friends, taking the final walk after the completion of a successful reign and returning to crown the state successor. It is a year full of memories.

Does MJA have a non-compete clause?

At the state level, we have a limited compete clause in our state delegates' contracts. We ask that you discuss and receive written permission prior to participating in any pageants to ensure no conflicts. We do not give permission to compete in any pageant that will inhibit a crowned state delegate to represent their title at the MJA National Finals or complete their reign as a state queen.