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                      is a nineteen year old San Diego native. She is an actor and model, but also loves singing, playing guitar, and painting. She is a proud member of the Actors Equity Association. When she's not making art, Davina loves to study the ocean.

 She is a scuba diver, and is considering a dual career in Marine Biology and acting! 
Davina's platform for the past two pageants she has competed in and won was mental health awareness. This is a very important topic to her, and believes that the stigmas against people who live with mental disorders should be broken down, and more support should be provided for those affected.

 She would like to thank those who have supported her in times of need, and wishes to do the same for those struggling now.

Davina looks forward to promoting her title to help young women from all walks of life to be the better person they are. 

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