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                              Rose Riordan was born on July 10, 2007 to parents Chris and Staci in Valley Village, California. She has an older brother Micah, who when not making her crazy, plays tournament baseball and programs robots.

Samantha began dancing and gymnastics at 13 months old. When she was 6, Samantha entered her first dance competition at fell in love. Her coaches comment that she is focused, determined and able to bring joy to any group activity. While small in stature, Samantha is known for her large personality, easy smile and hard work. Though only in fourth grade, Samantha’s goal is to work as a professional dancer, model and actress.

Samantha started her professional debut last spring in film, television and commercials. She recently booked an TV pilot, a lego Disney episode and Experian commercial and is most often seen as the “younger” version of a film’s leading lady. 

Since Samantha won her first regional title at 7 in a dance competition, she has been dreaming of winning a national crown. Pageantry was a natural extension from dance competitions for Samantha because just like at dance nationals, you need to shine on stage, be able to communicate with the judges during your interview, show all around proficiency, be in an opening number and wear a gala dress! 

Samantha is honored to be crowned the first Miss Jr. America Jr. Preteen. Samantha is 
thrilled to be a national title holder and excited for all the new experiences and new people she will get to meet over the next year.  She plans to use her title to promote her platform, Kids for Kids, Dancing For Life (“KFK”) KFK focuses on empowering children and giving them ways to help other less fortunate children by raising money through dance competitions and general fundraising, and also looks for therapeutic ways to incorporate dance and music in improving the quality of life of sick and disabled children.

When not dancing, Samantha likes anything bedazzled, spending time with her friends, watching Netflix, playing with her two rescue dogs or eating cupcake frosting.
Sammy knows it can be scary to try new things sometimes, but if you like being on stage, she encourages you to give pageantry try. Everyone is super nice, you get to make new friends, get lots of pictures taken and you never know, you just might win a big crown too!!

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Miss Jr. America Scholarship Pageant, LLC.  2018
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