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                         Rivera. I am a 13 year old seventh grader that attends Cope middle school. Although I was born in Redlands, California I had the opportunity to live in New York and Georgia for a few years and have recently returned to Redlands, California. I enjoy the entertainment world very much and plan to pursue a career in it. I love to model, act, dance and write! I also really enjoy academics, and as a result have celebrated multiple achievements including student of the month, outstanding GPA and great test results.  

Growing up I had an aunt that always inspired me. She was very brave and confident. I always told myself that one day I want to be like her. Doing pageants helped me with that. In my first pageant I would have never thought that I was going to win, but I won Miss Golden State! Ever since then I've had a new found confidence that I never had before. Winning the national pageant also helped with that even more! 

As your Miss Jr. America National Preteen Queen, I plan on using my platform to bring awareness to self love and confidence. It is a very important topic to me and I believe that everyone should know more about it. Many people believe that being a sixth grader in middle school and being a national queen is hard, but it's actually very simple. They both go hand and hand so it's very easy to maintain. 

I believe what separates me from many in the crowd is my kindhearted nature in giving back to others and going after my dreams and making them a reality.

​I am excited to be your Miss Jr. America Preteen Queen and maybe I will get a chance to meet you soon at your state pageant.  

Semhar Rivera
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