Our experienced panel of judges 
scores contestants in the 
following categories:

Poise and Presentation in Formal Wear  30%
Personality During Interview  30%
Red Carpet Fun Fashion  30%
Personality in Introduction  10%



All state delegates in each division will get up to four minutes to share her accomplishments, goals, and personality with the judges. The interview will be conducted panel-style Each delegate in the Preteen, Jr. Teen, Teen and Miss divisions will interview panel-style in front of all five judges for three minutes. Questions for the interview will come from your bio sheet, which you will fill out and turn in at nationals registration. No political or current event questions are asked. Judges just want to get to know you, and why they should select you as our national winner. Delegates can wear an interview dress, skirt and blouse ensemble or a nice coordinating pant suit that reflects their own unique personality.  We discourage the idea of a suit because this is a competition of versatility, style and taste! Unleashing your true potential of who you are goes a long way with the judges!  Please, no shorts, jeans, boots, hats, mini skirts, bare midriff tops or low cuts blouses that would be considered a distraction. 
Remember...just relax and have fun!


The personal Introduction is your gateway to letting the judges get a first look at your sparkling personality and a better idea of who you are before you interview with them.  This sets the tone for your remarkable interview that will take place just moments after your introduction!  

Your introduction should not exceed 40 seconds and no less than 25 seconds.  The name of your city and state must be included during your personal introduction along with something interesting about you or your hometown is idea.  Your name should be included at the beginning or the end of your introduction.  You can be as creative as you like.  Don't hold back!  Personality goes a long way. Remember, your not delivering a speech...just a friendly hello!

All delegates are judged on poised and appearance in evening gown.  This is the face and grace of the national competition!  The moment has come for you to wear the gown of your dreams in front of your family and friends. Delegates should wear a floor length gown that is age appropriate, and displays their own sense of taste and style.  Select a gown color that compliments your skin tone and is flattering on your figure.  There is no “preferred” type of evening gown for any age group, however we encourage   each delegate to showcase her own sense of fashion. It's very important to keep in mind when choosing your gown that it is age appropriate for your division that you are competing in.  Each delegate will have their moment in the spotlight in the evening gown competition, to show their grace, poise and elegance.  This is your time to shine!


The runway is waiting on you! This competition would not be the same without you in it!  All delegates will compete in a Hollywood Runway Fashion Show modeling a red carpet outfit of her choice. Your outfit selection is limitless and all eyes are on you!  You can rock  a short cocktail dress, long or short pants with a hot blouse or top and even a long dress!  Anything goes! Our DJ sound engineer will rock the house with the latest beats! This is a fun and upbeat runway competition that gives the delegates the opportunity to showcase their style, taste and modeling on the runway while showing their personality and showing off their unique sense of fashion. Select a red carpet outfit that shows your own sense of fashion. Give your outfit a boost by selecting accessories to compliment your outfit while you’re modeling on stage.  You actually forget that you're in a competition because you're having so much fun!!!


Make the best of pageant weekend. These optional contests are scored by a separate panel of judges and have no bearing on the overall National Queen's Title. The optional contests provide more opportunities to showcase your individual interests, gain confidence, and be recognized for your talents. Each provides another opportunity to win!  The national winner of these optional competitions will be announced at the pageant finale!
The winner from each age division will receive a cash award up to $500.00, the Official National Tiara, National Talent Sash and National Talent Plaque. Talent Runners-up will also receive Plaques

Available to all National Delegates.  Talent Performance must be a live solo performance
There is a two minute time limit on all performances
You may enter up to 3 Talent Performances in any category

$175.00 Entry Fee per Talent.


The winner from each age division will receive a cash award up to $700.00, National Tiara and National Photogenic Sash, and Photogenic Plaque.                                                                Photogenic Runners-up will also receive plaques.

Available to all National Delegates.  You will submit your photos at pageant check in
You may submit up to 8 photo entries. 8 x 10 or 5 x 7 (preferred)
Your photos can be of color or black and white
175.00 Entry Fee per photo  or 4 for $600.00 or 
8 photos for $900.00 - Qualifies for the Hollywood Supermodel National Title
The Hollywood Supermodel will receive the Official National Supermodel Tiara, Sash and Hollywood Supermodel Award

                                                   NATIONAL CASUALWEAR MODELING

The winner from each age division will receive a cash award up to $500.00, the Official National Tiara, National     Casualwear Sash and the National Casualwear Plaque. Casualwear Runners-up will also receive plaques.
The Winners of this competition will also be featured in our National Campaigns..

Available to all National Delegates.  You may enter up to 4 individual Modeling Outfits
Contestants may supply their own modeling music
All submitted music for each Modeling Routine must be on a separate CD 

$175.00 Entry Fee Per Modeling Outfit

                                                                      NATIONAL SPOKESMODEL ​

The winner from each age division will receive a cash award up to $500.00, and the Official National Spokesmodel Tiara, National Spokesmodel Sash, and National Spokesmodel Plaque.  Spokesmodel Runners-up will also receive plaques.  The winners of this competition will be in our 2019-20 Promotional Ads for Miss Jr. America!

Available to all National Delegates.
You may enter up to two individual Spokesmodel Speeches of your choice.
Contestants outfit selection should be of professional attire
Contestants are required to bring 5 copies of their speech with them to Pageant Check In.

$150.00 Entry Fee per Spokesmodel Speech   


The winner from each age division will receive a cash award, and the National Platform Plaque                                            Runner-ups will also receive plaques. Each national delegate should have a platform a that is near and dear to her heart. It could be a family member that has suffered and illness or deadly m disease. You may be an advocate for a particular organization that you strongly believe in. Our 2019 National Queens will promote their platform during their reign.

Available to all National Delegates
All Delegates are required to bring at least 5 copies of their typed Platform to Pageant Check in.                                                   There is no charge to be considered for this National Award  

National Appearance Award
Getting out in your community and representing your state title at events, pageants and charities is a great way to generate support as you make the journey to nationals, but it can also earn you the National Appearance Award! Two overall winners will be selected (one from 10-15 age division and one from 16-27 age division) based on the number of appearances made throughout the year.        

Miss Personality
This young lady is chosen by the contestants in your age division. This award goes to the delegate that is the friendliest and most helpful during pageant weekend. Winner will receive a Plaque.

Miss Spirit
No Entry Fee. Our Choreographers and staff will select a young lady from each age division that has shown the most uplifting spirit during pageant weekend Winner and 1st runner up will receive Plaques

National Public Relations Correspondent
Media relations is an important aspect of promoting your state title. Clip articles of any media coverage you receive for your state title and national participation, and you could win the Media Relations Award! Two overall winners will be selected (one from 10-15 age division and one from 16-27 age division) based on article clippings submitted to nationals registration.

National Scholar Achievement Award
No Entry Fee. Contestants will bring a copy of their official school transcripts, academic achievement awards, and certificates to pageant registration. Award letters, transcripts , certificates, etc., should be placed in a portfolio and brought with you to pageant check in. Judges will select the contestant who has the best overall participation in their extracurricular activities at their school, awards, and grade point average. Winner and 1st runner-up will receive plaques. 

National MJA Outstanding Leadership Award
No Entry Fee. Contestants will bring their volunteer records and letters of recommendations in a portfolio at pageant check in during registration. Judges will select the contestant from each division that has an outstanding record of volunteer service. Winner and 1st runner-up will receive plaques.

Most Recommendations
This special award is presented to the delegate from each division that brings in the most recommendations of friends, relatives, family members that would be interested in our pageant system. The winner will receive a cash award and a National Plaque.

Most Ticket Sales
This award is given to the delegate in each division that sells the most tickets to the Natinal Finals. .Sell 10 or more tickets to the National Pageant Finale and receive Special VIP Seating for your guest!

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One winner from each age division will receive a cash award up to $700.00, and the Official America National Miss Tiara, National JNM Sash, and National America's National Miss Plaque.  The winners of this competition will be in our 2019-20 Promotional Ads for Jr. National Miss!

Available to all National Delegates.
You must enter the Talent, Casual Wear and Spokesmodel optional competitions to qualify.
Delegates are required to bring 5 copies of their entry and type  a one to two paragraph on "Why you would like to be  Jr. National Miss to your pageant check in.
Cash award is based on the actual amount of participants in each division.  Less than 5 participants in each division will receive a ​a $275.00 cash award.

$275.00 Limit one Entry 

The winner from each age division will receive a cash award, and the Official National Mini Optional Award.  
Best Personality During Interview
Best Interview Attire
Best Formal Wear Attire
Best Red Carpet Attire
Best Smile During Formal Wear Presentation
Best Interview
Best Hair During Formal Wear Presentation
Most Beautiful Eyes

Available to all National Delegates.
The Mini Optionals are judged during the Formal Wear presentation and Interview process.
You may enter the entire Mini Optional Package or choose as many as you like.  It's your choice.

$75.00 Each or the complete package of 8 for $450.00    

The Competition